Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm up because

Those d*#@ palmetto (read roaches) are in my house again. I've found a few here and there. And tonight I got up to turn off the lights and close the computer, and there was another one. In the time it took to get shoes on and to grab the raid, that nasty thing had hidden. But I'm smarter than they are. I know that if I wait long enough, they come out. And then they die. Die die die die die. And then when they are dead, I get my rubber gloves, three sheets of paper towels and dispose of it. If for no other reason, I want to leave here so that I can be free of these things. I have a few other reasons too. And a few reasons to want to stay. And I also got a late night phone call. But that phone call will have to wait for another post. At least until I've wrapped my mind around it. And while I'm mentioning random things, I've been watching a lot of Sleeping Beauty lately. Does anyone else just love Merriweather?? I love how she just tells it how it is. And how she doesn't want Aurora to have a pink dress. I think she is my favorite part of the whole movie. And now I'm going to sleep.


J.Ammon said...

Remember... 1000 in the wall for every 1 you see on the floor :)

Jessica S. said...

those bugs - well maybe with you having 3 kids, if you stay at Ft Bragg with Matt being an officer you can move to newer housing. I'm hoping that the new one won't have roaches like my old place does.

LCM said...

That is my favorite Disney movie. We were watching it the other day and probably due to being the 2nd oldest of 9 children, I thought(as a kid) Merriweather got a raw deal. When the two other fairies tried to sew and cook and couldn't, you had to know they had been making her do everything while they played with the baby, right?