Thursday, October 16, 2008

Driving while listening to country music is dangerous

I don't do a lot of driving around town. Mostly because we are a one car family this year. (yes, it's hard and yes, I can't wait until we get another car) When I do drive, I do like to listen to music. And a lot of the stations around here are country. But I seem to have the worst luck. For a while, every time I turned on country music, there was that song about the soldier writing from deployment and then you figure out he's died, and he's reassuring his family that he's ok. Seriously, how is one supposed to drive when listening to that? Yesterday that song didn't come on (thank goodness or people would have thought something was wrong with me. who gets out of their car with red teary eyes?) But on the way home, I heard that song about "you're gonna miss this", and then another song about a guy talking to a 100 year old man and how he says "don't blink". Come on. What would it look like when I roll down my window to give the guard my ID to get back on post crying my eyes out?? I managed to keep it under control. But we're going to have to limit my country music intake. Especially now. Although Jodee Macina's song about wanting to be around to watch when the guy gets dumped "to leave you with your fire burning and no way to put it out" (my favorite line) was a good way to even out the emotions of the afternoon. Country music causes water to develop in the eyes and prohibits them from seeing properly. Which you kind of need to do while driving. Friends don't let friends listen to country music while driving.


Shelly! said...

Friends don't let friends listen to country music.

Jessica S. said...

I listen to country too and some of the songs are teary. That one by kenny Chesney called Don't Blink, I like it, makes me take a deep breath and cherish my kids.

There is one that I heard the other day a new one about the "No good cheatin' white trash hoe" that I thought was funny. About a woman that messes with the married man and the singer is singing to her kicked out husband/boyfriend. That one cracked me up