Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tagged again

MommyK at The Great Walls of Baltimore tagged me for the six random things meme. I'm supposed to list six insignificant details about myself and tag six other people.

1. When I see people that have bad haircuts and dress badly, I give them a make over in my head. I fix their hair, change their shoes and give them a new outfit. And they just look so much better. And I do the same thing to myself. Especially right now when I really really need a haircut.

2. My mom made me take piano lessons when I was little. As I got older, oh I think around 9 or 10 I really started to hate it. She still made me do it. Going into high school, I started to like it. But I am no soloist. I am an accompanist. Playing solos is a lot more difficult for me than playing for someone to sing. I actually LOVE playing for a person that can sing well. I do not like playing for congregations much because they follow the piano rather than me following them. So I always try and play quicker than it should be because they will drag me down with them.

3. I hate getting my hands dirty. I use gloves to do the dishes and to clean the bathroom. If I had to do yard work, I would use gloves too. I just REALLY hate being dirty.

4. I'm a closet crier. I hate crying when there are people around. I also am very uncomfortable when others start to cry. Especially if I don't know them terribly well. I cry when I watch movies, sometimes commercials, and some TV shows. I get very involved with what I watch. Which is why I have to be very careful about the things I watch. But if I know the person well, I can be a sympathetic crier.

5. I've only been to one real concert my entire life. I saw Micheal Damien perform at the Weber County Fair though one year, but I don't count that. My real concert was watching Big Bad Voodoo Daddy open for Steve Miller at the Greek Theater in LA. We watched them open, tried to watch Steve Miller, and got bored. I love their music, but talk about visually boring. Just a bunch of old guys wearing too tight pants and leather vests and some lights. But I was wearing a short skirt and I was with two guys. Not that I had anything for either of them, but it was fun.

6. I have a hard time when there are a lot of conflicting noises around me. For example, people talking while the TV is loud and the dishwasher is on. Or when my husband tries to sing along with songs but doesn't sing the words right with it, but after it because he doesn't know the song. Or when he makes up words. Or when my kids are screaming in the house. I just hate it. I feel like my head is going to explode.

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Jessica S. said...

so you tagged me - well, I'll get to it eventually. I'll have to really think hard about 6 random things. Actually my life is so random anyway, it might be easier than I thought!

MommyK said...

thanks for playing along! i hate a lot of loud noise too, it drives me batty!

Congrats on your pregnancy!!!