Monday, May 31, 2010

What are you doing?

Today is Memorial Day. What are you doing to remember those that have gone?

Go to and search "honoring the fallen" and watch soldiers place flags at every headstone in Arlington Cemetery. Watch the National Memorial Day Concert on your local PBS station. Go buy flags or flowers and go to your local cemetery and find those headstones that look a little lonely, that haven't had any love, and leave something there. Or go here and see the faces of those that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. I found one there, that I kind of knew. His name was Duncan. His mom called me when I was the Relief Society president in San Antonio. His wounds were terrible. His very young wife was also there.

Two years ago, when we were at Fort Bragg, we spent the day with some friends. We went and got some flowers and went to the Fayetteville cemetery and laid flowers. There were many confederate flags, there were even some grave stones from the 1700's. It was a great experience. All my family would do on Memorial Day weekend was go camping. I would like to teach my children the real reason they get a few days off of school, and that dads and moms get days off.

Enjoy your day.

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