Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sentimental over stilly stuff

When my kids were little and they grew out of their clothes, I dutifully saved all those not stained beyond recognition. I had been given hand me downs from many friends, along with generous gifts, and I knew that if I didn't use them, I could pass them along. (although I fully expected to use them again.)

Now, several years later, and several large bins full of clothes later (not to mention at least four moves) I am still holding on to some of those bins. And right now, we are still a two child family. And I am feeling very silly holding onto bins full of baby clothes, when we haven't had a baby in our house for four years. (and no sign of one)

But even thinking about actually giving them all away makes me sad. It's like I'm giving up on having any more. Or even the possibility of having more. We aren't closing the door to that part of our lives, but it seems like that door is getting close to being closed.

There is a lady at church who is expecting a baby, and I told her I would go through all my baby boy clothes and give them to her. I will keep some of the clothes, because I just couldn't get rid of all of them. But what use are they sitting in bins? Zero. If I give them to her, I will free up at least one bin, if not two, and give me a little extra space for other things. It's practical, and it needs to be done. But I am such a sentimental dork.......I just don't want to. I have to do it soon, they will be leaving.......maybe I'll do it fast, so it won't hurt as much. You know, like taking off a band aid........

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Heidi said...

Excellent idea...I am a 'rip it off fast' kind of girl myself. Either way it means pain;pain is inevitable. But if you can have control over how quickly the most painful part is over with then get it over with. At least that's how it should work in theory...

Another idea: you could take pictures of some of the clothes that you loved. You could even have A or L hold up the outfit that they used to wear for your pictures. Then you have the memories preserved (which I'm convinced is more than half of the reason we hold on to baby clothes anyway).

Then if you should need baby clothes again you have a justifiable reason to go shopping! And if that day comes, please let me know...I would be happy to donate to that cause. :)