Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My mouth is too big to walk on eggshells....

So, I seem to have this gift. I say what I think. I have worked for years to install a filter between my brain and my mouth, so that those things that really shouldn't be shared stop before they come out of my mouth. Some days it is hard to keep it shut. But as I have gotten older, I have gotten much better. Only when I feel really safe (like when I'm talking to my best friend, or some other old friends that know me well) do I say what I really want to say. Or, I write it in my journal, and sometimes in the past, I have written it here.

But tonight, a sentence as innocent as a marshmallow caused someone to leave our church meeting. And looking back, I could have kept my mouth shut, and it wouldn't have been a big deal.

This could be a few things. One, maybe this person had a bad day, and that was the last straw. Two, this person could have something against me (there is a small history) and had had it with me. Three, this person is just easily offended, and anyone else could have said the same thing with the same reaction. But right now, at 11:15 as I type this, I have no idea.

I can't change anything at the moment. There have been efforts made to rectify the situation. But who knows.

I guess I have just never been taught to walk on eggshells without breaking the crap out of them. Maybe by the time I'm 80?????

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Shelly! said...

As I mentioned on the phone...I could see myself getting offended too. Only because I am a self-described hypersensitive lady.

I do think, regardless of all the above, that if you think you hurt her feelings you should call her and apologize. Maybe you didn't, maybe you did. And maybe the apology won't go over well...but it's what you would want if someone hurt your feelings...