Thursday, June 3, 2010

I want to dance for joy!!!

Why?? Because it is finally JUNE!!! Which means summer. Which means sun. Warmth.

June also means a few other happy things.

~Schools out for the summer!! (anyone else sing that in their head?? I always get flashbacks to watching my husband play guitar hero world tour on the Wii.) Getting up early is not my favorite thing to do. Nor do I enjoy pushing him to get his homework done, working on our spelling words or getting his reading done. While we will still be reading (have you heard about Borders reading program this summer?? Read 10 books, bring in your list, and get a free book!! Yay!! Free books are always awesome!!)(ok, just spent way too much time looking for a link. I think you should just check your local Borders.) it won't be as torturous for the both of us.

~Like I said already, the sun comes out and it is supposed to be summer. At least in the parts of the world that are closer to the equator. It is slightly warmer here, with less downpours of rain. But instead of downpours, there are days where it just sort of drips from the sky. Which is slightly better than before.

~But on the horizon is a trip to the sun!!! There was a big family event that was supposed to happen this month but things have changed. That family event isn't going to happen, but I will be going to a few other family events. I think all six of us kids will be together for the first time since my grandfather died a little over three years ago. I will get to hang out with my sisters and brothers, my kids get to be with their aunts, uncles and cousins, grandma's and grandpa (not to mention the multitude of cousins and aunts and uncles that I have). We'll get to see old friends, eat my favorite food (In-n-out, El Pollo Loco, Baja Fresh, and La Tolteca here I come!!) A stop at our favorite (and the cheapest one we've found) health food store. And one of the most glorious things of all is having stores around the corner and down the street rather than driving twenty minutes through the forest just to get to the closest Target. Oh and the BEACH!! A real one, with waves, wind, and warm sun. No smelly Puget Sound water that just sits there. (Although at some times of the year is quite nice and beautiful. Guess I'm not a Puget Sound kind of girl.)

~Did I mention the sun?

~This month, something has finished. And boy does it feel good that it is done.

~We are getting even closer to the end of this deployment!! Hooray! Between our road trip, plus a few visits from friends and family, the time will go by quickly, and he'll be home. And then lots of family time for us!!

So, June means a lot for me. Anyone else happy it's summer???

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Amanda said...

Yes! I'm very excited about summer too! Although I don't like to sweat, and it seems like all I do all summer is sweat. But this year I have air conditioning in my car! And I just got a really cute swimming suit at Ross with a skirt thingy. tmi?

Happy Summer Terina!