Saturday, April 3, 2010

I didn't want to do it........

But I did it. Yes, last night I watched New Moon. You know, the second Twilight movie. Very long story why I did, but I was coerced into watching it.

I have never read the books, and never plan to read them. And I don't plan on watching the first movie either. But I did know the story. So I wasn't completely in the dark watching it. And if I did have questions, the person I watched it with had seen the first one.

Honestly, I was laughing. I thought it was hysterical! How does an 18 year old girl know what she wants? And who is obviously ruled by her emotions and not one bit of logic enters her head?? How could she not choose Jacob over Edward?? Edward can barely kiss you, is over 100 years old and wants to suck your blood. Not to mention the very pale white skin and his almost overwhelming unattractiveness. And his silly comments like "Your very breathing is a gift to me Bella". HA! Then Jacob who is healthy, only wants to protect her, looks a million times better than Edward, AND wants to kill crazy Victoria who is trying to kill her is the one you turn down??? And really, a vampire's skin sparkles in the sun??? I think that was when I laughed the most!

I guess I must qualify this review with a few things. First, I am not a fan of super natural anything. Or fantasy inspired things. The only thing I remotely like that is anything like that is Star Wars. Anything else I do not like at all. It all seems completely silly to me. Why spend time on things that will never happen? Or could never happen?? I enjoy books and movies that are more real. Situations that could happen. Situations that have happened. Biographies, true stories. Perhaps you say I have no imagination. And that's fine. That does not hurt my feelings in the least! So with all that, you could almost say that I am predisposed not to like these books and movies. And I would say that you are right.

So, will I see the next one? Will I ever read the books? Not unless I want a good laugh. Or want to watch Shark Boy turn into a werewolf again. (and who in their right mind thought he could pass for an American Indian??? seriously??)

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Chelsea said...

As someone who enjoys fantasy and some sci-fi, I will say that my number one complaint about the Twilight series is that it's not very imaginative. She pretty much just borrows every plot device and character from stuff other people have already written about vampires/teenagers.