Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do you?

Do you ever feel good? Even when you normally wouldn't?

Tomorrow our home teachers are coming over.

My kitchen is a disaster. Stuff all over the counters. My desk (which is in the kitchen) is a mess.

My living room is also a disaster. As is the dining room table that has a very pretty but sad and dirty table cloth on it that really needs to be washed.

I still haven't finished the laundry that I started yesterday. Our loft/playroom is also a disaster.

My van is full of boxes to be taken to the recycle center on post.

Yet with all this, I feel good.

It is inexplicable. Well, not completely. There are a few reasons. One of which is that I went to the temple today. The other is that the sun was out!!!!! The others....well, I can't really share those here.

I am certain tomorrow will be full of folding clothes, vacuuming, my purple rubber gloves and attempts at organizing. But our home teachers aren't coming to see our house, they are coming to see us.

And. I am pretty sure the sun will be back tomorrow. Amazing what the sun will do, isn't it.

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