Sunday, April 25, 2010

Remember my post a while back about a new sectional? We went and looked at that one. But then we found this one.

And the ottoman of course. Both sides of the ottoman flip over and there is storage inside. I love it.

And this is my new tablecloth.

I LOVE it. love love love. I love the colors, I love the pattern. And Friday I picked up these Gerber daisy's and the colors went perfectly with my new tablecloth.

It is a little long, but now I have a tablecloth for when we use the two leaves for the table.

I think it looks awesome.

As a side note, I find myself in love with patterns and colors like this. I need curtains for our bedroom, and they need to be a solid color. But everything that catches my eye is a pattern. And my bedspread is already a pattern. Sigh. If only everything could have a pattern on it. Or maybe I should just hire an interior decorator. (HA! like that would ever happen.)


Shelly! said...

Love the couch!!!

Amanda said...

I want, no, NEED a sectional like that. I've never felt adult enough to buy one. I should just save up and do it one day. I can only find nasty teal couches on craigslist out here.

TJ said...

amanda, sometimes dealers post things on craigslist for less than what they are in the store. that is how we found this. normally, this would have been over $2000 and we got it, including the ottoman, delivery, tax, and a 5 year warranty plan (it's leather) for under $2000. so, don't be afraid to look at those dealers that list on there. there are some great deals out there!!