Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Observations on craigslist

~Lots of people buy glass dining room tables with terrible looking chairs to match. And then try to sell them on craigslist for way too much.

~You need to post a picture with your listing.

~The over sharing going on there is hysterical. So many people go into all this personal information that truly has little to do with the actual listing. Cracks me up every time I read someones life story on a listing for a couch or table.

~The spelling mistakes crack me up too. One of my favorites was a listing that only said "Cardenza". I am sure they meant credenza. Proofread people!!

~It also cracks me up when they post pictures of the items to be sold with about twenty pounds of crap all over it. You can't even see the actual item to be sold!!

~The sheer amount of floral couches in this world is astounding. Where did floral couches go after the 90's???

~Love it when the title of the listing says "DIVORCE SALE" or something else along those lines. I guess this one goes back to the over sharing.

~Go check out the free section. Always something surprising there!!

~There is some ugly stuff out there. Like really ugly.

I love craigslist. I really do. After trolling it for months for different things, you start to notice things. What have you noticed about it?


Amanda said...

Your comments are so true and made me laugh!!!

Jen said...