Sunday, April 18, 2010


It seems, these last few months, that my comments have slowly been dwindling.

I used to live for comments, and any comment would be so exciting. I would hope for comments, and would be a little bit disappointed when some of my posts wouldn't receive any.

Normally the whole purpose of a blog, while it is to share your thoughts with whoever reads your blog, is for the comments. We crave recognition for our thoughts and feelings, and comments give us an ego boost.

In the last little while I have gotten very, very few comments. And at first I thought I would feel let down, or sad. I feel exactly the opposite! I feel free. Free to say what I like without anyone telling me I'm wrong or right. Without comments I feel less restricted in what I say. And maybe that is a bad thing. But oh well.

This is still my blog, my little space for my thoughts, whatever they might be. And of course you are still welcome to leave comments. I am hoping that with this new freedom I feel, I might post a little more. It will be nice to have this outlet again for discussing how I feel. We'll see how it goes........


cleggle said...

do you live near me? you must. I'm just outside of portland. I linked to your blog from a comment you made on fmh. I thought I'd comment- but please, still feel free to say anything you like. I read a few of your posts- I relate to the feeling good even when you shouldn't- I often do. and I often feel rotten when there's no real good reason.
anyway, just thought I'd say hi. I like the sunshine and the necklaces on etsy. and i'd probably wear 'em. have a lovely day.

Jer said...

I thought you had disabled your comments, and thus had never thought to post any. I read your blog through Google Reader (which doesn't show comments), so had no idea I was wrong till now.

TJ said...

i had a few months ago. but, i enabled them again, and so far i have been able to keep them that way.