Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh man

First, before I go on, my last post was my 700th post. Amazing.

Yesterday evening, after we got back from our fabulous dinner of McDonalds (really, I hate the place, but I was exhausted and didn't want to cook anything and the kids love it because they get to go there about once a year) my friend came by to pick up her TV that they had let us borrow for a month waiting for our stuff. She had asked me questions about keyboards and what kind to get. We have a Casio Privia PX-500L that Matt bought back when we lived in Germany. It weighs lots less than a piano (which we had and it was torture to move), takes up less space, and has a volume button.:) Anyway, I wanted her to try mine to show her what it felt like so she would know what to look for when she was ready to get one. It was on for all of a minute and then wouldn't work again. We changed outlets. Flipped the switches just in case they were connected to the switches. Nothing. I tried it again today, and I am SO SO bummed. We can claim it and get some money back, but who knows if it will be enough to really replace it. I haven't been able to play the piano for over a month, and was really looking forward to sitting down and playing in my own home again. The movers also broke my vacuum. It still works, but the piece that keeps it standing upright broke off. So you have to prop it up next to wall or the couch or something. One of the movers tried to fix it, but he couldn't. This is the first time any of our stuff has actually been broken in a move. Even when we did it ourselves, and things weren't packed near as well as they had this time, our piano and everything else survived. Well, except a few of my pottery bowls, but that was because Matt dropped the box. Sigh. So far, these are the only things broken, although our bookcases each seem to have a gouge in the side. I'm not too worried about those though. I'm just worried about my piano. We'll have to see what they'll reimburse us for. Sigh. I hope we can afford to get a new one.


Mary Alice said...

They now have to pay full replacement longer a percentage based on depreciation.

Kari said...

Thats sad! I have moving. i always get nervous that picture frames and other family items are going to get broken. Last time we moved one of the picture frames glass broke and i don't know how this happened but one of out fan stands broke in half.