Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mind Vomit

I cannot take credit for the phrase. I read it here, where this permablogger used it in one of her posts.

I feel like I need to get out this mind vomit. And, we all know, we all feel better after we do it, right? Here are some of the thoughts in my head as I am unpacking, being a mom, organizing, being a housekeeper....yeah, you get the point. Anyway, as I was saying, here is what is floating around in there:

~Mustard colored pants are awesome, especially when the cut and fit are perfect. And even more awesome when they were $80 at J.Crew and you got them for $16. Plus, what kind of a wardrobe would you have if you didn't have a pair of mustard colored pants? See!! My point. :) (I wore them yesterday, and they just feel so good!)

~Unpacking things that should have gone into the trash is just irritating. Even more so, when the movers carefully wrapped them in copious amounts of packing paper.

~I have done several loads of laundry today, and then just ran the dishwasher. Always a little worried that the septic tank alarm is going to go off because it got too full.

~Trying a new recipe for dinner tonight. If it's good, I'll share it.

~Everyday is one day closer to his deployment.

~I heard today from a friend in my ward, that this past Sunday they were going to split the ward. But. One key thing did not go through, so they had to put it off for a few weeks. Oh the joy!!! Hooray!!! The RS president and bishop must be relieved. Although, the last time I was in a ward that split, I was called as the new wards RS president. I think we're enough under the radar enough (ha! they barely know who we are!) that I won't get a calling like that again.

~My doormat to my front door says Yo. That's right. Yo. How awesome is that? Thank you Tuesday Morning. I'll have to take a picture of it soon and share. Every time I walk out the door, I just smile.:)

~Have any of you seen Nanny McPhee? The kids were watching it this afternoon, and I couldn't get over the blue walls and doors. And then there were some yellow doors. While I can't really see myself painting a house in those colors, I thought it looked awesome! And, I just really really like blue and yellow together. They are such happy colors.

~I really want to hang stuff on my walls. But I just don't even know where to begin.

OK. I feel much better now.


Mary Alice said...

Oh...where did you get the YO mat? I want to get one for my friend would be too perfect.

TJ said...

i got it at tuesday morning. they are all over the place. just go to their website and throw in your zip code. and if i go back and they have another one, i just might pick it up and send it to you.:)

Mary Alice said...

Yay: I am going to go look up Tuesday Morning right now!