Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adventures on Post

Not long before lunchtime, Matt called and said that the barbecue that he thought wasn't for the families of the soldiers, was for the families, and for us to come. Hooray!!!! I hadn't been to post yet, and had really been wanting to go. So, quickly got ready, and made it there without a problem. I don't think a lot of the unit was there. But, I did meet a few people. I had been a little nervous on the way. Mostly because this would be the first time I would go to a unit activity being one of the officers wives. Matt is really new to the unit, so he didn't even know that many people to even introduce us to. Hopefully they have at least one more of these so that I can get to know a few more people. I did meet someone who is from So Cal, and we talked for a little bit. She told me who the FRG (family readiness group) leader was, and we exchanged numbers. Yay! Hopefully they will contact me soon.

So. While we were on post, I decided we would head to the PX. Oh, I have missed a good PX. While in So Cal, I went to the LA AFB BX, and boy was that a sad little BX. (PX post exchange, BX base exchange. PX army. BX air force.) But this one. Oh. It was wonderful. They had a TON of pottery, a fairly decent book section, a huge shoe section, and tons of clearance clothes. The kids got bored really fast. And I didn't buy any pottery, as I already have so much. But. I almost bought a clock they had. It was awesome. It felt nice to be in a PX again.

And while I'm talking about the military, have any of you seen the Colbert Report this week? He's been broadcasting from Baghdad. I love Stephen Colbert. And Jon Stewart. It is definitely worth watching this week. Well, and every week. Just go watch him.

And now I'm off to go and do something. Maybe have a root beer float. Or go fold the millionth load of laundry I've done since our stuff arrived.

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