Friday, June 5, 2009

I found this on etsy

I logged onto Etsy just now and this was one of their listings they had on their front page. I love it. But instead of a pillow, I'd like it on something that I can hang on my door.


Justhfacts said...
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Shelly! said...

David P. Holmes,

Let's start by admitting fact by agreeing upon something. You don't know me. I don't know you. We met only once, I believe, at Terina's wedding. Not enough to know or to understand each other.

I am not going to pretend, by any notion, that we will get to know each other or that we will ever understand each other.

At first I was going to let your latest comment slide - and try and follow Terina's lead in ignoring it. Or make some comment about how I like my friends and my steak rare. Or that I was bringing in the stirrups so I could examine myself.

But, well, that just not good enough. I'm her friend and that means I will defend her. Let me be clear. I have no doubt that anything I say will be refuted by you in both in your mind and in further comments. Let me also note: I will not be quoting Christ or scripture here. Your use of scripture as an attempt to assert some sort of moral authority or Christian attitude is contrary to the values you profess, and quite frankly, offensive.

You have found her personal blog - a device which serves as a sort of online journal - and launched into a series of attacks on her character. Attacks that specifically ridicule or mock her for her behavior towards others (you), while at the same time performing the very behavior you find reprehensible. How does that work exactly?

You also ask her friends to examine themselves. To examine what it means to be considered her friend. Well let me explain that to you because after 26 years as her friend I feel well versed on the subject. Being Terina's friend means always knowing where I stand with her. It means discussions and disagreements about social, political, and theological issues that challenge both of us.

Being her friend means seeing the big picture of what makes her who she is. It means taking into consideration that she has had one hell of a year. That her life outlook might not always be positive. She might not always choose the right words or say things the way I would, but I KNOW that of her. I know her well enough to see past the words to the meaning. I also know that when I see something that doesn't seem right, like negativity, I can turn to her directly and discuss it. I can pause my own reaction to find out what might be causing hers.

Terina has seen me through some of my best times and worst times. I have made decisions that she doesn't agree with or wouldn't choose for me. She loves me regardless. She accepts me regardless. It is a gift she gives me that I strive to give back in return.

Terina is rare indeed. And I have found that with love and understanding, in both directions, that rarity is quite a jewel.


PS - Your son's name is Matt. That is he who she is married to.