Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm trying to avoid unpacking, can you tell?

Monday our household goods came!!!! Yay!! The movers were great. They put everything together, would listen as I wondered out loud how I wanted something to be (but really, they could have cared less) and overall, it was good. Yesterday I spent unpacking a ton of boxes. I don't think I've ever been so productive in one day. I think I'm making up for it today, because I haven't done half of what I had done yesterday by this same time.

My shoe broke yesterday. My favorite Born flip flops that are leather, that I've only had a year. Sad. I think there is a shoe repair man around here, so I'll be hitting him up soon.

It is finally warm in this place! While I'm not quite hot enough to turn on the air, it is hot enough to use the fans during the day, and I think the thermostat said 84 last night. Awesome. I need the heat. It helps me. Now if we could just find an outside pool to enjoy the sun and the heat.

One of my brothers friends works for Air France. Luckily, he was not on that flight. I wish there was some way to avoid that kind of news. At least for us people who have near panic attacks when they get on airplanes.....I feel so much for their families.

Well our corn dog lunch is ready. Yay for unhealthy food when you don't feel like cooking.:)

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