Saturday, June 27, 2009

It makes me want to sit down

I'm almost done with the boxes in my house. So far, I've been able to hold to one box a day. I don't have that many left.

On top of unpacking, of course now there are the regular, daily chores like dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, making dinner, laundry, bathrooms.......

The most difficult thing is their toys. It's as if they are taking over their bedrooms and the loft. They have so many toys. They do not need this many toys. Even when I do pick them up, or have them help me do it, they pull them all out. It feels so overwhelming to have to organize them, find all of them homes, keep all the puzzle pieces together, the blocks get the idea. Time to feed the Goodwill box in the garage with toys. It's already been fed with my shoes, scooby doo sheets and comforter, Christmas place mats, curtains I haven't used since we left Germany......can't wait to add more.

And then there's our closet. Matt's clothes are overwhelming it! He's just been so busy at work, and gets home late.........hopefully this week he'll get to it. He did attack the garage today, thank goodness. That makes me feel better. Next step: shelves. Things piled in the corner bother me. Especially when he's gone and I'm trying to find the Halloween decorations, and I have to move half the stuff because I can't see the bin labeled "Halloween decorations". Yes. Shelves. Aren't shelves happy thoughts? :)

Next thing I want to do is hang things on the walls. But our rental company wants us to use these special monkey hook things that only leave these little tiny holes in the walls. Still need to find them.....meanwhile, everything is just leaning against the dining room walls......

Blech. I think it's just late and I'm tired of unpacking and organizing. So, rather than doing it, I would just rather sit down.

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Valerie said...

I hear ya! We just moved into a tiny apt. and couldn't fit most of our stuff. It is in the storage unit in the basement. So we brought out a few toys and left everything in boxes. It was AMAZING!! No clutter, and my 5 year old kept her room perfect. No more arguing. Last weekend we brought out some more toys, and got a bookshelf to bring out some books and sheet music. Our stuff is still mostly in storage, but it's starting to feel a bit cluttered already. I LOVED the feeling of no clutter, so nothing else is coming up. I put about 3 big rubbermaids full of toys in the storage for the winter and donated two big boxes full. I was so bummed to have to live in such a tiny place, but now I think it's a blessing. I have almost no housework and can just party. Now, if I can just keep the clutter from creeping back in again!!