Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As many positive things I can think of

So, I'm realizing that in my day to day life, I tend to be a little negative. So, here are as many positive things as I can think of about my life.

1~My husband really loves me

2~I love him

3~I have a decent house to live in

4~I have healthy and very cute kids

5~We always seem to have more than what we need

6~I have a nice car to drive around

7~I've made a few friends since moving here

8~I've been able to live in France and Germany

9~I am pretty independent

10~I'm doing MUCH better at being motivated to clean my house

11~I'm reading my scriptures almost every day

12~We have free long distance on our landline

13~And wireless internet

14~My kids know what the Eiffel Tower is and want to go to see it.

15~I have friends all over the US

16~My husband will eat almost anything I make for dinner, even if it doesn't taste all that great

17~I have a great sister

18~Matt rides his bike to work so that I can have the car

19~I have enough books to read to last me about three months

20~I love my DVR

21~The Gap has saved me from looking like I'm waiting for a flood

22~My kids CAN but don't always play nicely together

23~I can talk and talk about pretty much anything

24~Online shopping is one of my favorite things to do

25~I love my garlic press

26~I don't mind watching other peoples kids

27~I am always trying to be a better me

28~I love baking

29~I love trying new recipes (I just got a new Rachel Ray book!)

30~You can always count on me to have a treat

Ok, going to have to stop at 30 because I can't sit at the computer for the rest of the day.

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LeeElle said...

loved this post! good job.