Thursday, April 17, 2008

Your mom is your friend???? Then who is your mom?

I saw a link to this article on Goodyblog today, and I really liked it. Thank goodness I've never wanted to be that kind of mom.


Steve-o said...

I think a happy medium has to exist. If I were to characterize my parents, I would say they were all about being parents and not about being particularly friendly until just a few years ago--years after I moved out of the house, went to college and got married. I think that's unfortunate.

The article mentioned examples like Lindsey Lohan going drinking with her mother. I don't condone drinking, but I would say that a parent should be the role model for this sort of thing. Drinking is legal, so the parent should be the primary teacher of responsible behavior, just as they should with most other situations.

All parents should have rules for their children and should draw the line, but I'm not a fan of the idea that parents should solely be authority figures. In my opinion, this can drive children away just the same as being their friend could drive them away. If you're only going to be a parent and authority figure, are your children going to feel comfortable discussing their problems with you or coming to you with tough situations? If my own experience is any indication, the answer is definitely "no."

Again, I think a happy medium is preferable.

miranda said...

Gavin knows I'm his mom. Period. My mom was pleasant to talk with while I was growing up, but she was always mom. And I knew she would help me with problems, but she didn't treat me as though we were friends. She was my role model

Now, the dynamic has changed. Since I am a mom, and I'm a responsible adult, we're friends. I think that, with all relationships, the parent-child relationship evolves. And that's a good thing.