Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finding my way

My entire life I've had a hard time picking up after myself. I hate housekeeping and cleaning in general. There are many reasons, I won't go into them here. Recently, I have figured out how to make my cleaning and housework more enjoyable. I've already posted about this, but having nice smelling stuff really helps. I love walking into my bathroom and having it smell like geraniums.
My mom would always make us sweep, and I just hated it. And normally, I would just use the vacuum to clean a floor period. About a month ago I was at TJMaxx, and I saw this:

Isn't that the coolest broom??? I love it. I sweep WAY more than I did before. Not that my floors were really bad before, they are just much nicer. Totally worth the $7. Last time I went I hoped to find a mop. No such luck.

At Ross, I found this gem:

Who wouldn't want to use this dustpan?? I think this was $5. So worth the money. I use it often. Every day. I will be so sad when my brooms don't work anymore.

About eight months ago, Matt came home from Walmart with this:

How cool is a purple vacuum?? It is bagless and has amazing suction. I've vacuumed up socks before. Then spent 15 minutes trying to get them out of the hose. But hey, it can vacuum up socks. And almost anything else I can find on my carpet or anywhere else.

So, that is how I make cleaning a little more fun. I find things that are cute, with lost of color, and use them in my house. Granted, Matt got me the vacuum, but I've gotten everything else. Cleaning still isn't that fun for me, but it is much easier with fabulous smelling cleaning products and a fun broom to use.


Stephanie said...

I totally agree!!! I thought that broom handle was wrapping paper until I scrolled down. :)

J.Ammon said...

When I saw the first picture I thought is was a floral stripper pole... Em had me get her a cone- shaped hand vac for Christmas. Guys like toys... girls like vacuums. No wonder we don't understand each other.

emily said...

joe!!! stripper pole??

and my cone vac is purple too.

and you made me laugh with the bragging it picks up socks!

J.Ammon said...

I really have no defense for the stripper pole... other than that's what it looks like at first glance after watching Scrubs.

Terina said...

joe, i think scrubs can be a valid defense for thinking it was a stripper pole. scrubs can put strange things in your head.:) but seriously, can you imagine if i actually had one?? no. i cannot. yikes.