Thursday, April 17, 2008


Ok, and then I read this one. This one is crazy. The fact that people even NEED this kind of a children's book is ridiculous. And the woman they site at the beginning? So what? Who doesn't have saggy skin out there????


Kathlyn said...

Is your husband in the army? Mine is and we are moving to ft Irwin in the fall. I havent found on your blog what post yall live on but after reading how far away the nearest Target was, I figured you might be where we will be and if so I just wanted any information you had on it, since I have been able to find close to nothing. In fact, a friend of mine googled Ft Irwin pictures and a road sign came up that said "absolutely nothing" haha. . . that was encouraging!

J.Ammon said...

I read about that just before I read about it on your blog... What it should really be called is, "Why Mommy Cares More About Her Looks Than She Does About You," or, "How You Made Mommy Ugly, so I Had To Fix Her." At least then the rich mom's who use nanny's while shopping away their husbands money will have a way to start the therapy sessions.