Friday, April 18, 2008

So Brave

I was brave this week and went up to another mom at Andrew's school and introduced myself. Her son is one of Andrew's friends at school and he has been asking to go over and play at their house. So I figured I better get to know her. Luckily, she lives down the street. And they have a two year old girl, so Lucy has a playmate too.

What I'm surprised at, is that I've been taking Andrew to school for at least two months now, and not one person has talked to me. Not one. And we are at that school, five days a week, two times a day. And no one says a word to me. There are mom's that talk. But either they knew each other before, are neighbors or something. Admittedly, after watching these other moms for two months, there are a few that I don't mind not talking to. But there are a few that I wouldn't mind at least chatting with at the school.

So, I've got to decide whether or not to try it again. Or wait until Andrew starts talking about another kid in the class and then introducing myself to them. School gets out beginning of June, so there really isn't that much time left.

When I introduced myself, I told this other mom that when we picked the kids up, I would have paper that we could write our info on. When I came back, I had written "Andrew's mom" on it just in case she didn't remember who I was. She said, "oh I would remember. I don't talk to anyone." I thought that was so sad. I feel very lucky to have my church every where I go. And that there, usually I will find at least one friend, if not lots lots more.

Back to being brave, well, we'll see if it happens again. But at least I did it once. So the next time will be even easier than the first time. I've never been terribly shy....


emily said...

being brave sucks sometimes... but good for you for opening a door.


MommyK said...

I was never a shy person either. But I've found it exceedingly hard to make mom friends, which is weird because we at least have the kids in common.

If I lived where you are, I would definitely talk to you, and then maybe we could go play basketball while the kids are in school!

Jen said...

Around here, the kindergarten classes are set up geographically. So because I requested morning Kindergarten, and my neighborhood is slotted for afternoon, all the other moms in J's class know each other. It's really hard! But I've managed to get to know 2 or 3 of them--one was actually at my brothers wedding--turns out her sister in law is a cousin of my new sister in law. Another I ran into at Les Schwab and we chatted for hours while we waited for our tires. But yeah, its so hard to break into a group that is already there.