Saturday, April 26, 2008

SO different

I had written this whole post about something, but I just deleted it because it sounded dumb. I'll paraphrase it:

Every one of us is so darn different. I wish instead of judging and putting down those differences that we could do our best to understand them. But how difficult it is for me, who was brought up with someone who was very judging and now it is so natural, to change that, to get past it, and just accept people. I hate it. I'll need to live for a REALLY long time to be able to rid myself of this bad habit and be completely changed. I sometimes wish some things in this world could be done just as quickly as Mary Poppins tidied the nursery. I need some magic snapping fingers. Unfortunately, singing "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down" over and over doesn't do the trick. I've tried it. (mostly because that is Lucy's current favorite movie. She gets excited when Mary Poppins shows up, and then cries at the end EVERY time when she leaves because she doesn't want Mary Poppins to go. A couple times I almost cried with her. Anyone know where I can find her??)

And this is mostly referring to the military world versus the civilian world. It is amazing to me just how different it is.....


Steve-o said...

I think most people with strong religious and/or conservative backgrounds are going to have problems with this. Tolerance and acceptance don't come easy to people who are taught to see the world in terms of "right or wrong," "black or white," etc. Combine these attitudes with the strong LDS cultural identity, and pretty soon what is acceptable is calibrated not only against the concepts you learn at home and at church, but also against the cultural norms of the LDS church. Not exactly a recipe for tolerance.

As a side note, this has some interesting side effects, especially in places like Utah, where LDS culture is so dominant. You end up with a fair number of people who try to be as NOT Mormon as possible in their attempt to be "unique."

emily said...

off topic, but that Lucy-mention was sooo sweet! what a tender heart that girl has!