Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Growing up, my mom would make a big deal out of holidays. Even little ones that really don't matter. Valentines is no different. Not only does the season throw up in my mothers house (I should take pictures of all the decorations just so that you really understand what I mean. and the saddest part is that she does this kind of decorating for every month. watch out. st. patricks day is on it's way.......) but she also has expectations for those gift giving ones. Which is kind of crappy. At least for us kids. Because if we didn't do something.......oh the guilt trips that we would go on.

As adults, Matt and I do not make big deals of holidays, nor do we have these amazing expectations of each other. Our birthdays happen to be within four days of each other, so we go out to dinner in between, or when ever we can, and usually get a gift for each other. One year Matt got me a fire safe. Yes, you did read that correctly. A fire safe. Yes, we did need one. But not exactly a birthday present. So, this past Valentines Day, I wasn't anticipating anything coming to me in the mail. Not only had he been out in the field all week, he isn't one that plans things out in advance. On Friday, as I was driving out to my sisters, he realized that I would not be at my parents house on Valentines. I told him I was going over a week ago. Oh well. I came home last night to some beautiful tulips, a short note, and a small box of rocky mountain chocolates. Which was surprising. I think the last time he got me flowers was...........hmmm...... honestly, I just don't remember. So this was a very nice surprise. My dad had followed the directions, cut them, and put them in water.

I'm not sure if absence is making his heart grow fonder or what. But whatever it is, I am liking it. Wonder what he'll have sent here for my birthday............

(I took some pictures of my tulips too. I'm no photographer, but I thought my camera and I did a pretty good job. but it's hard to make something so pretty look bad. I'll post them later today.)


Shelly! said...

I think holidays are for children. I love being able to celebrate each one, talk about the meaning, and decorate with the boys. Once they are gone I have no intention of keeping on with it. (oh wow, just the thought of them being gone someday is too much!)

Sometimes, as is possibly the case with your Mom and my MIL, the decorating fills a void in the house that isn't filled with anything else. My MIL cherishes the time she spends putting up doilies, window stickers, getting out the matching dish rags and towels, etc. For her it's a peaceful, calming activity. I understand that because I have my own peaceful calming remedies for voids - but of course the decorations still are obnoxious :)

And, yes I am about to say it on your blog, remember that while distance makes the heart grown fonder it also makes the mind forgetful. Don't forget.

Chelsea said...

Great job, Matt! :)

emily said...

you DESERVE it, dangit. Good for Matt!!!