Thursday, February 12, 2009

One of my many

I have a problem people. I've been thinking about it this week, and just had a conversation about it with a friend. I like to spend money. I'm a sucker for good sales. Especially if something I've been looking for is on sale. Or even if it's not. The good thing: I rarely pay full price for things. The bad thing: I buy a lot of things. Some of my biggest weaknesses are shoes. I have such a hard time finding cute shoes that actually fit my feet. (I have big feet) So when I do find some that are cute, and a good price, I buy them. I have quite a collection of shoes right now. Another one of my weaknesses are things on The Gap. Their pants are the only ones that are somewhat in my price range (only when on sale) and they actually have pants that are long enough for me. So when I see jeans on sale for $20 and they are in my size........yeah. I could go on and on about all of my weak spots. Etsy, ebay, Layers Clothing. Ross, TJMaxx, Marshalls. B&N, Borders, Target.......sigh.

This weekend is the beginning of a new me. Well, more like me trying to make changes. I am going to visit my sister. She is currently on bed rest, and while we normally don't go shopping a ton when I visit her (other than at Deseret Book) we really won't be shopping as she can't really go anywhere. And I've decided that I must avoid shopping online as much as possible. There are few things that I actually need. I don't need anymore shoes, clothes, bags, or crafty stuff. I don't need anymore journals, books, or pottery. None. If I can follow through on all this, I will allow myself to go to the H&M that is nearby once a month. Because's going to start controlling me. And boy do I hate when I lose control. There are a few exceptions. I have Matts huge certificate that states he is a certified Physicians Assistant that I am going to have framed. There is also a darling embroidered eiffel tower that a friend made me, and framed, but my kids broke the glass in it. So, I need to get those things taken care of. And I have 3 packages that need to be sent which will be expensive seeing that one is to France, one to Ireland and the other to Virginia.

Yes, I will have moments of weakness. I am a human. And a woman that really enjoys shopping. But I've got to do it people. I don't want to pass this along to my kids like both Matt and I had it passed along to us. With a little help from above and a lot of determination, I think I can kick this. It might take me a while, but I can do it. (I've actually done pretty good since being here. I haven't stepped a foot into Kohls and I'm determined to stay far away from Old Navy and B&N even though all of these stores are within a five minute drive. Why did they have to take away our strawberry fields????)

Wish me luck my friends. Maybe I'll get more reading done and spend more time with friends instead of shopping. Or maybe actually go to bed at a decent hour instead of looking up pretty things on etsy.


Shelly! said...

Seriously - every time I think I know what you are going to do - you surprise me! I love it! It's like having an emotional Christmas.

As I already mentioned I get worried about your shopping - but more because I think it's symbolic of something bigger. Plus I think it's smart for everyone (myself included) to have savings.

Make it so you aren't going to places where you might be tempted. Make lists and stick to them. Hang out with me since I have no money to spend :)

Eric found this blog - which reminds me a lot of your French lady - and I love the ideas he shares. Mostly because clutter is so emotional and the more stuff we get the more off-balance I feel.

Also, a random good article on smart shopping at the grocery store:

My goal is to buy only stuff that I use and cut back on that 12% number.

(and totally random - my word verification is "terin")

emily said...

it truly IS an adddiction.... so it is good you are going about it as if you are a true addict.

I am lucky (!?!?! LOL) that we HAVE no money. I can't even buy the BARGAINS! Otherwise, I'd be right where you are at.

Good luck, my friend!!

Piouette said...

I agree with Emily. It's so much easier to control when you have no extra money! Easy cope out. Still I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I go to one of my favorite stores. I go "visit" my stuff!!! Call me crazy.