Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not myself

I have been spending the last half an hour trying to decide if I want to exercise. I think I want to, but then, I don't. I do feel good after. But I think my laziness is going to win out today.

I am just all over the place lately. My emotions are up and down on a regular basis. I try and get out and do things, and I have been pretty busy. But a least once a week, something happens or I do something that just kind of throws me off enough that it takes some time to recover.

When I come to my blog, I hesitate to share a lot of this. Mostly because it is incredibly personal. I know I don't have very many people that read this, so it's not like I am really sharing with the entire world about my personal issues. But I just can't bring myself to open up and let everyone see. And other than these things, I feel like I have very little to blog about. And I've been writing a lot in my journal. Like with a piece of paper and my awesome fountain pen. Which helps immensely.

What is causing all of this emotional stuff with me? Something fairly major, but it is taking some time to get through it all. Maybe forever, who knows. I will survive, but these last few months, and I'm sure the next few will just be rough, and I have a hard time putting it all here. Blogs should be interesting, entertaining, sometimes thought provoking.....and right now, I am just not there.

So, there you go. I'm hoping that I'll feel more like myself soon, and having so much sun here sure helps that. But my posting is going to be sporadic to non existent. Which is just sad to me. I LOVE blogging. Season for everything I guess.


Mary Alice said...

e-mail if you need someone to talk to. ((hugs))

Mary Alice said...

fromthefrontlines2 at gmail