Friday, February 20, 2009

Here I am!!!!!!!!

Since Wednesday I have been going to my old high school and helping out my French teacher. My job has been listening to the oral exams of her highest level students. They are taking an IB test next week, and they need to be ready for it. We've been splitting up the students every day and listening, correcting and asking questions. It has been so FUN!!!!!!!! I LOVE this. LOVE it. Not only do I get to spend time with my favorite teacher (who came and saw me in France and took me out for a fantastic meal of pizza and mousse au chocolat a volonté. which means we could eat as much as we wanted.) I get to find the bits and pieces of French in my brain and put them all together. I was talking to Matt about how much I liked it, and he suggested that I start taking classes. And that I go for a degree in education. Which is an interesting thought. I mean, would I have to take the evil math and science classes if I am going to major in French? Can I learn German too? (because I REALLY want to speak German.) I am anxious to get to our final destination so that I can start taking a class or two. Don't think I will be very good at online classes, but I'll look and see about the local colleges. And see if the classes that I took over TEN years ago still are worth anything. But this gets me excited. And precious little is getting me excited these days.

So, what does my title have to do with this post?? Because I've been a little lost. Now, between having the sun out, helping with these French oral exams, and having been to the beach, I am finding me. So, Here I am friends.


Amanda said...

That is a great idea. I've been taking 2 classes on Thursday morning at UVU (previously uvsc). I love the time I spend by myself and love the stuff I'm learning. Maybe over the next 5-10 years I'll actually get a bachelors. I hope it works out for you. I wish I could speak French, actually I wish I could just read it. It always comes up in books.

emily said...

oh, cool!!! I love that you get to make this happen for your own CHI....

Oui oui! Tres bien!

(I dunno.... I'm fakin' it here.)


Chelsea said...

I think that is a great idea! You would be an awesome French teacher!

J.Ammon said...

C'est etonnant, la puissance de cette langue que nous avons bien appris pendant nos mission en France. Celle-la m'a aide a me trouver aussi. J'aime mes cours de francais et si tu en veut des chose qu'on lit, je peux vous en envoyer dont j'ai finis.

Aussi, Em m'a dit de ce qui t'est arrivee en automne dernier. j'espere que tout va mieux pour toi maintenant.

A plus tard!

Piouette said...

I found out I loved my language when I was tutoring ESL. Funny how I could relate to those students struggling with learning English. It was a blast. Have fun.