Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My personal Ode to Ikea

I have lived many places. But the last two have been completely without an Ikea nearby. When we lived in Germany, we had one about ten minutes away. Which was great. My biggest problem was that in Germany, they don't always take your credit cards (or debit), and so I would always have to have cash on me when I went. And sometimes you don't always know how much you're going to spend......anyway. I haven't been in one since we left Germany. I've looked a little online, but that's it. Today, I went to Ikea.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Boy have I been missing out. We should have gone there instead of crappy Walmart (we didn't really know where else to go. We had just gotten back from Germany and had to get what we needed from somewhere) to get our furniture. I had my camera today and I was taking pictures. I also spent money. Which I said I wasn't going to do. Most of it was for my kids. (they had a finger puppet theater. with the finger puppets. it was awesome. and ikeas own perler beads.) I did buy a few small things for myself. My biggest problem is that I don't have anywhere to put any large thing I might buy from there. Nowhere. So. What I have to do is restrain myself from going back until I am in our house and have the money to spend. I'll have to check and make sure that there are some Ikea's near where we're moving. But I have a feeling there will be. I also got a baby shower gift for someone, too.

My favorite things about Ikea are: how space conscious they are, the colors and patterns they use on their furniture, pillows, rugs, and other fabric things, and their prices are pretty darn good. Plus their kids toys are awesome. And they aren't made in China. They are made in Sweden, Bulgaria, and a few other places. And while I'm sure China needs help with their economy just as much as the next country, I would much rather buy something made other places. My favorite is when it is made right here in the USA. Their stuff is incredibly creative, and I really appreciate that. I love that they have a place for the kids to play. I love that they have D'aim candy there! (I didn't buy any, but I just might the next time I go)

The Ikea here is about ten minutes from my house. Only ten minutes. But I rarely am down in that area, so I'm hoping I'll be able to restrain myself. So, no one invite me to go with them to Ikea. Because I might not be able to resist.

My favorites today were this love seat in the Klintbo blue pattern, and this rocking chair in the black/white combo. LOVE them.


Rachel said...

Who doesn't like IKEA? Anyone? Anyone?? :)

LCM said...

I love all of their organizational items. Instead of an ugly tower for DVDs, we got one of their pieces of furniture that takes their baskets and put all of our DVDs in those, where we don't have to look at them all of the time.

Piouette said...

The loveseat reminds me of your Polish pottery. Maybe that's why you like it too, consciously or not.