Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deadliest Roads in America

I saw this article and scrolled down to see what the top ten were. And the first four are roads that I have driven on multiple times. Well, maybe not the 5 so much down in San Diego, but I have been on the road. And the 10 is one I take all the time. Even the one in Arizona. I have seen those drivers. Many are morons. And so are most California drivers. This last weekend I got honked at 3 times in one day. I think it's because of my Texas plates, and they assume people from Texas are slow or something. One of the times, though, my sister in law told me I needed to get over three lanes, and I had to do it pretty quickly. And someone honked at me. While So Cal drivers are far and beyond better than most Utah drivers, they have no idea how to drive in the rain.

Be careful out there friends. There are a lot of really really bad drivers.

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Piouette said...

Yeah and a lot of those nut drivers have moved to Vegas!!!!! Put them in the mix with Midwesterners and it's a recipe for disaster.