Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Je parle français, moi.

I spent all morning listening to high schoolers present their oral exams, and listening to the questions they were asked and what they answered. It was so. much. fun. It really was. My favorite part was when one student who had chosen to talk about La Plongé (diving, and she is a diver) called someone le shampooing du monde instead of le champion du monde. I know she had it written correctly, but she sure didn't pronounce it right. It was pretty hard to not smile or laugh while she was doing it. But as soon as she was out the door, boy did we let loose. I had tears in my eyes. (btw, instead of saying world champion, she said the shampoo of the world.) There were a few other good moments. It was also interesting to help do preliminary grading. Which I feel a little inadequate to do as I know that while I could do what they just did, my tenses and even conjugations would be crap, and I would have to pray that I remembered all of my vocabulary. But it was great. And I am going to go back on Thursday to help do more grading. I'm thinking of asking her if I can come in to the class once a week or so and either help or participate with the class. It would give me a good head start and I would have a great time. There have been few times when being in French class has not been enjoyable. I'm sure there will be times in the future, but for now, it is just plain fun!!

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emily said...

ooh, i'm glad you are having fun... Me? Just the THOUGHT of going back into the classroom right now makes my skin crawl...Ha ha! But there is a season for everything, and I loved it once, and it seems it is just what you need right now. So YAY school!