Monday, September 22, 2008


I find it interesting, as I was fast forwarding through the commercials, watching Dancing With the Stars, how in less than five minutes, they showed a Victorias Secret commercial, and then a Leapster one. You can always tell what kind of people are watching a show by watching the commercials. Kind of like when I'm watching Spike (watching CSI Vegas of course) how they always have those Viagra commercials. And the Girls Gone Wild commercials. Thank goodness for DVR and fast forward.

I really enjoyed it tonight. I forget how low the scores are on the first show. Cloris was a bit much after her dance. Poor guy that had to spend the last five weeks having to deal with that. But she did do a decent job considering how old she is. Brooke Burke was the only stand out, other than Warren Sapps. They were both awesome. Anyone else watch? What did you think?

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