Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My kids can be such good eaters

I had bought some orange roughy fillets a while back (frozen) and I hadn't used them. And since I have no creativity when it has come to dinner recently, I thought I would just bake them (in my polish pottery of course), bake some sweet potatoes and steam some broccoli. Pretty lame dinner in my opinion. It was a hit! My kids ate up that fish and wanted more. Not too excited about the broccoli, but they ate it. (I have finally learned how to steam broccoli without making it a mush) And Lucy couldn't get enough of the sweet potatoes. Both my kids loved dinner, and even Matt said that it was really good. My lame dinner turned out better than expected. I love those surprises. (another surprise is that I decluttered most of my kitchen today. and cleaned my counter tops.)


Jessica S. said...

that's cool. My kids like fish, too.

Piouette said...

Congrats on the kitchen counters and the rest of the kitchen.
My kids can't get enought of it when I make fish either. Have you ever tried to steam veggies in the microwave? Works wonders in no time. Put them in a bowl a couple of tablespoons of water at the bottom, a lid and voilà. Perfectly steamed anything (broccoli, aspargus, etc.)Yum! Evn scrambled eggs are ok.