Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why I hate peaches

Since it is almost the end of summer and of lots and lots of really good fruit, I thought I would share my story of why I hate peaches. Most don't believe me when I tell them I don't like peaches. What is so bad about a peach??? Oh, just wait.

Every summer, the first weekend in August, our family of six kids plus two parents would pile in our dodge ram van (well, first it was a gold station wagon, but my mom destroyed that one around my fifth grade year) and drive up to Clovis CA for our family reunion. I LOVED this reunion. It was always a ton of fun. Unlimited food. Everyone had a tub of red vines to share. Homemade everything. Fruit that was awesome. Peaches that were huge, red onions bigger than peaches, watermelon to die for, and cantaloupe and honeydew that would make you gleek all over the place because you had so much saliva in your mouth. We got to sleep outside in sleeping bags on tarps. We went to the lake on Fridays (not sure what lake) and rode around on the boats, went swimming and watched our parents water ski. Saturdays were full of swimming in a pool, watching the adults play volleyball, sitting around, slapping mosquito's...great fun. Saturday nights were when each family would put on a skit (you didn't HAVE to, but most of the time we did) and people got pretty creative. Usually someone would get thrown into the pool. (it was usually one of my aunts) This reunion was of my grandpa's brothers and sisters. He was the youngest of about 5 or 6 kids maybe more. (LeeElle, help me out with this one) So, all of his siblings, their spouses and children, plus their spouses and children, get the picture. Lots of fun.

Clovis CA is near Fresno CA. Which is in the center of our state. Which is full of farms. Tons and tons of farms. Hence all the fresh fruit right from the farmer. My parents would buy tomatoes and peaches to bring home so that my mom could can them so we could eat them all year. Which seems like such a great idea. Economical, great for food storage.......

As the oldest child, I got to help. Yay for me. One particular year, I remember her bringing at least 5 or more lugs of peaches home. So, six kids and all our stuff, plus at least 5 lugs of peaches in the beginning of August in one car that didn't have that great of AC. Fun times. Fast forward a few days.....the kitchen sink is full of warm to hot water to soak the peaches in. Which helps the peels to come off easier. Picture a stove going for hours boiling peaches, sterilizing mason lids and jars. Also imagine no AC. In August. In the Inland Empire of Los Angeles County. We're talking at least 90 degree's outside, if not more.

My hands, clothes, hair all stunk of peaches. I spent HOURS pealing and slicing peaches. HOURS I TELL YOU!!! I never wanted to even touch another peach. No peach pie, no fresh peaches. No peaches and cream with sugar sprinkles on top. No peach cobbler. Nothing to do even remotely with peaches. (oddly enough I do like the candy peach rings. probably because there isn't a real peach in them)

I have had very few peaches since that day. I don't even buy them. Although the smell of fresh fruit in the summer has an odd way of transporting me back to that time when we would be at the reunion all helping to get the food ready. Just keep me away from the peaches.


Jen said...

Sounds like my experience with corn. We would always buy a truckload of corn and I got to spend the day shucking it so my parents could blanch and freeze it. Ugh. But I still love corn in spite of it, and I'm considering getting a truckload to freeze, lol.

Shelly! said...

I'm with you on the peaches thing. Never have liked them and I cannot put my finger on it. Sure wasn't because we were canning them :)

This is funny b/c it's peach season and Ali and Steph just went up and got a ton of peaches to can. Lovely.