Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last night and this morning

Last night was a difficult night. Not only was I ticked at my husband, but BOTH kids came into our room last night. Andrew twice, and the second time I must have been out because I woke up squished between him and Matt. I hate being squished in bed. I need my space, hence our cal king bed. Lucy came in somewhere around 2ish and said something but I told her to turn on the light in her room and go back to bed. Woke up Andrew and told him to go back to bed. (I still don't understand why they always come to me in the night. Matt is closer and last night I didn't have much room around me.) I woke up before 7, but I refuse to get out of bed before then. I think because Andrew woke up. But Lucy didn't wake up like she normally does. So I called up a friend to see if they could walk Andrew to school. Andrew was unusually good this morning and didn't spend 10 minutes in the bathroom "brushing his teeth". Which really means "making a mess". After he left, I had almost half an hour of quiet time this morning. Which was strangely nice. Usually my quiet time is at night, when everyone is asleep, when I don't have to share the TV or the computer. It was a nice change. And it was nice to not have to walk to the school this morning. No real point to this post. Just the niceness of having quiet time, having a daughter who got enough sleep, and a little boy who happily got himself ready for school. (And I get my car back today. We weren't able to take it in until yesterday, and it is already done!!! Thanks again Jessica for letting us use your van. Again....)


Fort Skinner said...

I love quiet time, too. i'm crazy but usually on the weekends I'll get up early - like 6am, just to have some quiet time.
You are welcome.
Thanks for being my friend.

Shelly! said...

Yeah, why is it that they come to us? I mean, I actually KICKED Eric the other night. The boys came into the room and I was so tired of dealing with them. It was a bad reaction - I just stretched my leg out and kicked him.

Piouette said...

I agree with Shelly: "why is it that they come to us?" day or night even when Dad's awake in the house and not busy while we are????? "Mamaaaaa... (fill in the blanks)?"