Sunday, September 9, 2007

I know you won't believe it

There is another country in Europe that I am fascinated with. I know, you thought I was a loyal France lover. I do love love France. But I also love Ireland. I think it started with meeting someone from Belfast area while on my mission, and getting to know him a little. Then my last companion was raised in Derry. And after spending six weeks with her and hearing her stories of Northern Ireland, I was hooked.

Last October, the weekend before we flew back to the states, I booked a flight on my favorite European airline Ryan Air, and flew to Dublin. Took a bus up to Derry, and spent the weekend with my friend and her little family.

I would post pictures, but the computer place still has the disk (and the computer) with our hard drive information on it.

While I was there I saw how the curbs of the sidewalks were painted different colors so that you would know what part of town you were in, Protestant or Catholic. They had flags flying also so that you would know for sure where you were. We walked the old wall of the city of Derry. It was so cool. From there we could see Bogside, where Bloody Sunday occurred, and the sign that says "You are entering Free Derry". It was so fascinating to hear stories.

While I was in Germany, I was at our little shoppette that has a small book area. I found this book by Morgan Llewelyn called 1916. I picked it up, and read it and then bought the other two, 1921 and 1949. I LOVED them. They are historical fiction, and I love me some good historical fiction. This author has done her homework. They are so well written. There are of course some love scenes. I try to skip those and read the meat of the story.

I found a Half Price Bookstore here. Of course I go all the time. Unfortunately I have about 8 books in my room waiting for me to read as a result. But I didn't pay full price for them!!! Anyway, while I was there, I saw a book that had as its title 1972. I bought it, and I finished reading it last night. January 30, 1972 was when Bloody Sunday (the one sung by U2) occurred. It goes through the 20 or so years before this happened, and also what is going on throughout the world. I couldn't put it down. I am fascinated by the history and of what is still going on to this day in the North of Ireland. I have a whole different opinion of the IRA and the other groups in Ireland that are fighting for the Six Counties in the North.

I highly recommend these books. There is one more coming out in February of 2008. You can be sure that I will be reading that one too.


athena said...

i would have guessed you liked ireland because of the photos you use to have in the sidebar. you also read angela's ashes and said you liked it. :) did you have time to read the book i got you in french?

Terina said...

pas encore. it is the bag of books. i think i will bring that one with me on my trip. and my dictionary!! being RS pres is really taking up a lot of my time. the ireland book was a pretty easy read. it will take me a while to get through this one, but i'm determined to do it and hopefully come away with a lot more vocabulary and a better grasp of all the tenses.