Friday, June 29, 2007

Sunday Scribblings

A few weeks ago I found this blog and I really liked the idea behind it. But today will be the first time I will have ever participated.

My sign

I am an Aries. I never thought much of it until my best friend and I started buying those little astrologer books in the checkout lane at the grocery store. It was fun to read the descriptions of our signs and see how much our personality matched the descriptions. We actually would read about a specific day after the day had passed, just to see how right on it was. Sometimes it would be right on, most of the time not.

As much as astrology is fun, and can sometimes be right, I'm not a big fan. In thinking about it, those that do believe and go by every word in their horoscope, to me seem to need some guidance. And they find it in their horoscope. And as much as I don't subscribe to that way of thinking, at least they have something to help them through the day. So many people out there are wandering aimlessly, and have no direction at all. So, I don't agree, but you won't see me criticizing anyone that does do it. And hey, even now, sometimes I read my horoscope in the paper or in a magazine. It doesn't hurt, does it????


It's just me... said...

Yes it does hurt. You are inviting the devil to come into your heart. Sinner!

gautami tripathy said...

It sure doesnt hurt like wars!

emily said...

horoscopes were more fun when I was single... all about maybe falling in love or lust that day. Now, well... I got me a dream guy, so all that "love will find you in an unexpected place" stuff just doesn't excite me anymore. :)

GreenishLady said...

I more often read a horoscope retrospectively than in advance. Pick up an old magazine and say to myself "What did happen in July 2004?" Welcome to Sunday Scribblings!