Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is cracking me up

I have a very very good friend who is living in Ireland. Her dad is Irish, mom is a Brit, and her husband is a Brit too. She went to college in Edinburgh, so she's been all over the place. Anyway, I went to visit her about two years ago, before we left Germany. I should have gone way more often. And it was so cheap!!! I LOVE Ryanair. Anyway, while I was there, and pretty much when I visit anywhere, I always want to go to the grocery stores. I love them. That is where the real country is.

I love crunchie bars. Cadbury is one of my favorite chocolates. They sell crunchie bars at our commissary, but they are $1.15 each. Kinda expensive. But in North Ireland, not expensive at all. They also have this fabulous soft toffee stuff. I don't remember who makes it but it is fabulous. When I went, I stocked up on it. Matt loves it too, so unfortunately I have to share it.

Two years ago, we did a bit of a trade. She got me my crunchie nuggets and a few Charlie and Lola books and I bought her a Vera Bradley purse and we did a little exchange. I spend about an hour online IMing her this morning (her afternoon) and asked if there was anything that I could send to her to trade her for the yummy treats she would be sending me. She said she wanted zipper bags. You know, the kind of zipper bags where it isn't a press and seal thing it has an actual plastic thing on it and you just zip it back and forth. That is what she wants. She loves them, and her cousins wife (whom I met when I went to church, found out she grew up less than 50 miles from me and her sister was in my parents stake) would bring them back for her. And since her cousin moved back to the states she has been without. She is cracking me up. So, next time I hit the commissary, I will be getting her a whole bunch of those bags. Isn't it silly the things that we miss when we can't get them anymore?


Jessica S. said...

that is funny. The things that bring pleasure -

get some of each size for her, she'll really get a kick out of the variety of sizes.

oross said...

I just wanted to say i love the songs you have up. ive never heard of francis chabrel. im going to go search for him online... thanks for your blog..

emily said...

oh wow. You're right! REmember the time Joe hoarded his bottle of root beer from the states and made it last a WEEK from first sip to last? :)

Lei said...

Um, i like both those things. very much! :)

Sadly, I didn't get to enjoy S.A. much after my race. I was in and out pretty quickly since I left my hubby and kids behind this time. But I've also been there many times!