Thursday, November 13, 2008

I wanted to share

I found some cool things on Etsy, and I wanted to share with you! The first picture is a handbound journal that I bought. I LOVE it. Not only is it purple, but it is small, and it lays flat when you open it. Awesome. You can go here to see others that she has made.

The second is a print of an original painting that the artist has on Etsy. I bought this one too. But unlike my journal, she has more prints in her store!! Since there are a few other fellow France lovers that read this, I thought you guys would like it. I am very excited to frame it and hang it in my bedroom. Well, when I have a bedroom. (kind of pointless to do it here when I move in about 7 weeks)

I love etsy. I really really really really do. I have found some amazing things on there. And the artists are usually willing to make something specific for you. And yes, these are Christmas presents to myself. I'll just let Matt know.:) Oh, and have any of you heard of this website called That is where I'm getting Matt a few cool Christmas presents. Their stuff is right up his alley. Especially this. Just as long as he doesn't use it on me.

And I promise I will take a picture of my Christmas card and post it. I've made many, but I'm not finished with them yet. And for my kids, it's all about shopping on ebay and I already got Lucy this awesome dollhouse. I had a 10% off coupon too. Trying to keep things small and compact as we are moving, for the third year in a row, at Christmas time. At least this year, it will be after Christmas. At least I think it will.


Jessica S. said...

You have reminded me that I need to start Christmas shopping! Find anything for my kids on Etsy? :)

Jessica S. said...

PS I've missed your blog!

Rachel said...

I love the dollhouse! Cutest! I have been to ThinkGeek! I bought Chris' "GH" present there a month or so ago! Love that site!! Love the journal too!

Heidi said...

Love ThinkGeek! I bought my brother-in-law the LMAO t-shirt...he was shocked(in a good way) that I would buy it. You have to look up this shirt and read the description/story they wrote...I was CRYING because I laughed so hard!

BTW...good to see you blogging again.

Piouette said...

I laughed so hard at the Annoy-a-tron description and the customers' letter. I needed that cleaning streak to my brain, I feel so much more awake! Did you really get it for Matt???? LOL
Love Cabrel' background music btw.

Piouette said...

Céleste wants a doll house for Christmas this year too with everything in it. Nothing else Yikes! So I might actually honor that ridiculous request to Santa... Hourray for more traductions!