Saturday, November 15, 2008

Math and Reading skills

We had to run to the commissary today. We were almost out of milk, and I've been wanting to make chocolate chip cookies, and I needed brown sugar. We also picked up a baguette (well, what passes for a baguette here) and some ice cream. Our commissary has the self check out lines, which I love, so since we had only 5 items, that is where we headed. There are four, two for 30 items or less and two for 15 items or less. We got in the 15 items or less. There was a single guy in front of me, and in front of him, checking out was a couple. Who had at least 50 things. In the 15 items or less line. Seriously, can they not look in their cart and see they have more than 15 items? Can they not read the sign? There were several people behind me, who, like me being able to read and count, had 15 items or less. I mean, this couple was ringing up two full racks of ribs, other meat, all kinds of stuff. It would be one thing if it weren't, oh, the middle of the day on Saturday when the commissary is full. If it were late at night, and no one was there, I could understand that. I had to wait at least 5 minutes until there was something open. Seriously. And this is supposed to be faster than the other lines???? I wanted to point out the sign and remind them that they had triple the amount that they should. If I worked there, I would totally be the checkout nazi crazy lady. I wouldn't let them go through the line if they had ten items over the limit. OK if you have 16 or 17. Not going to quibble about something small like that. But your whole weeks worth of groceries???? Give me a break people. And they were moving slowly. Me with my five items (and two children) was done in about two minutes. And that included paying. From now on, no more commissary trips on Saturdays. Saving the $2 instead of tipping the bagger isn't worth it. Especially if you can afford to buy racks of ribs. Sheesh.

(for non military readers, the baggers do not work at the store. they only get paid by us shoppers. they bag our stuff and then walk us out and load up the car and then we tip them. i must say, i love this service having small children. i forget that other stores don't have this whenever i do shop at a regular store.)


Jessica S. said...

that is so frustrating for me too! I hate that. My kids are bold and will ask me within ear shot of those that have over the limit "Mom why do people that have more than 15/20/10 etc go in the line?" I've never looked up to see their faces but I wonder what they think. It's rude.

Jen said...

How interesting about the baggers. Our stores have baggers, but they are store employees and tipping is not the norm.