Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm crazy

Last week a friend (who shall remain nameless because it took her TWO DAYS to remember to tell me about this) told me that the north PX just got a shipment of polish pottery and that they had MY PATTERN!!!!! I could hardly wait to get up there. When I got there, I went a bit crazy. I was so excited that they had so many different things in my pattern!! I got tiny little stirring spoons, a huge cookie jar (or whatever I want to put in it), a deep casserole dish, two pots to plant in (which I plan on using soon to grow some chives and something else, maybe cilantro?? in so that I don't have to buy them anymore), a spoon rest, scoops, and even two coasters!! (those are the two things that look like tiny little plates in the first picture). I won't tell you how much I spent. It was less than what I would spend online for the same stuff (if I could even find it) but more than what I would have spent in Poland. And since I RARELY find my pattern, I felt slightly justified in buying it. But to compensate for my HUGE indulgence, I am on a shopping fast. I'm not going to buy anything online, or at any store. Other than food. I might make an exception for some gifts I want to buy. But as those are for Christmas, I can wait to buy those until next month. So, until my sister gets here (at the end of next month) I am not buying anything. No books, clothes, pottery, nothing. I really hope that I can do it, and am hoping to convince Matt to do the same. Believe it or not, he's worse that I am. He trolls ebay in search of the next bike thing to buy. So, lots of plans to really use my pottery and to cut back and save some money.....wish me luck!!!


Jen said...

It's so cute!

miranda said...

I love this pattern. Glad you could find it!