Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was at a friends house Tuesday night doing a stamping thing, and someone mentioned a bear. There was a bear on post in the last few days!!! Yesterday, I got this email.

CAUTION - Bear Sighting:A bear was sighted within Fort Bragg's main cantonment area over the weekend. The first sighting was in the vicinity of the Airborne PX on Ardennes St, near the PT track. A second sighting was caught on closed circuit television at the Longstreet and Lamont Road Access Control Point, with the bear heading toward the Fort Bragg Landfill.
The bear is believed to be a Black Bear, which are indigenous to North Carolina. Black Bears are very tolerant of humans and rarely attack. If unprovoked they will usually go on their way. Black Bears, like many other bears, will scavenge in search of an easy meal. Once easy food is found the animal is more likely to remain in that area.
Attempts are being made by Fort Bragg Wild Life to catch the animal safely. In the meanwhile, please ensure you take the following steps:
1. Immediately report any sightings to the Provost Marshal Office.
2. If sighted, do not attempt to approach the bear or to track its movements, other than to note the direction of travel.
3. Do not attempt to pet, feed, chase off, scare off, or other wise get close to the bear.
4. Talk to your children about the possibility and dangers of contact with wild animals, including bears, and actions they should take if they encounter wild life.
5. Keep pets indoors or inside fenced areas.

So, who of you that read this would go up to a bear and try to feed it??? Sure wouldn't be me. One year at girls camp for church we had some major bears. (Heidi, do you remember that??) I remember standing on the beach of a small lake (really a pond I thought) and looking up the mountain, and a BEAR walked by. I was speechless. Then that night while all of us (I'm talking at least 100 girls) were around the campfire we heard the big trash bins slam and a huge roar/growl and ALL the girls went crazy. We ended up having to sleep in the big lodge place because everyone had food in their tents. You should have heard the crazy things they were saying. Anyway, haven't seen a bear yet. You can be sure I would let you know if I saw one......


Heidi said...

Of course I remember...I was so scared I needed to pee, but I was too scared to go to the bathrooms. I think we spent a good deal of time trying to decide if candy counted as "food"...we had been warned not to have food in our tents, but we all had candy. I still don't know if bears like candy. :-) Good times!

Stephanie said...

I think Molly would go up to the bear and feed it.

Terina said...

stephanie, i think so too.:)

Monica said...

The Morris kids were ready to hunt the bear down with airsoft guns and pocke knifes. It took a little while to convince them the bear was gone.