Monday, November 30, 2009

My hair and I have issues

I have nice hair, decent hair. Have had decent hair for pretty much my entire life. I've never dyed it (well, other than those washout ones and of course sun in), never bleached it, never done anything but your basic hair care.

I always see these women around me with this amazing hair. Somehow they know how to use all those products next to the shampoo and conditioner. And not only that, they can strategically place bobby pins to make their hair stay up for hours on end. HOURS. They can make the curl stay in for hours. They can keep their hair in one style for HOURS. I have no idea how they do this. I've been perplexed for years.

Then, I get a few friends that went to cosmetology school. Where they teach you all about this stuff. And not only that, but how to wear makeup, what colors look good on you, and all that stuff.

I've had three of those friends in the past six years. They have done amazing things for me, my face, and my hair. Three years ago, I didn't know what a flat iron was. I KNOW!! What, did I grow up under a rock or what! I learned how to set my foundation, and how to put eye makeup on my deep set eyes. I learned about hair wax, hair smoother's, stuff that helps to hold curl, and a ton of other stuff.

I actually have a friend here, that I met two years ago at a different Army post, who just happens to be one of those used-to-have-her-own-salon-but-is-a-SAHM-now hair people. She cuts my hair and the kids hair. She'll come to my house, or I go to hers. Our kids play while she makes my hair look better. She shares her hair secrets. Well, at least they are secrets to me because I never knew them. She is awesome. (not to mention gorgeous. seriously gorgeous.)

Now, at the ripe old age of over 30, I now know how to do my hair. I now know how to wear makeup properly. No more buying green eyeshadow for me.:)

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Jen said...

Funny I was talking to my husband the other day about how there's a whole "hidden curriculum" of being a woman that I don't get.

I get the handbag thing. Sortof.

I don't get the hair thing. I don't get the shoe thing. I'm trying, and I think I do an OK job of faking it, but I really do not understand that whole cultural aspect.