Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No more dumb stuff

I am so excited for this Christmas! For the first time in three years I will get to be in my own home for Christmas and not travel one place. I won't be in a hotel, I won't be in someone else's home, I won't be driving across the country the next day. I will get to enjoy my kids, I will get to enjoy our decorations and have Santa come to our own house, not a hotel room. I'm pretty darn excited. The only crappy part is that my husband won't be here to have it with us.

I've actually been thinking a lot about Christmas for a while. I start thinking about my cards in August. (because if I don't, I won't get them done!) And this year I sent out an email to all five of my siblings talking about Christmas and our gift giving. I wanted to change it up a little. Four out of the six of us are married, with a fifth happening next year. Giving gifts is getting more expensive as you add spouses and kids, not to mention the distance that they might need to be sent. And I had an idea. For our gifts this year, we are keeping it super small. And instead of trying to give some great gift, we're going to give service. My parents, and all my siblings that will be there, are going to get together and go to our church cannery. I am going to do what I can from where I am, and I'm hoping to get my kids involved. And hopefully they'll understand it. I have pretty high hopes that our family will keep this up every year. And with my husbands side, I've suggested this too.

I'm still not exactly sure what we're going to do. I've got a couple of ideas, but still waiting to see what ends up being the right thing for us. There are plenty of non-profits that I could donate to, and feel like I've done my part. But I'd like to do something a little more tangible.

My ultimate goal: less stuff, less money for pointless things. more time and money and effort towards things that actually matter. More time serving others, and actually doing what Christ would do, no matter what time of year it is. I'm excited for the opportunities that present themselves, cause I'm going to be looking for them.

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