Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A few memories

While our family has always celebrated Thanksgiving, it's never been my favorite or one that I particularly look forward to.

But. There are a few memories of Thanksgiving that I wanted to share.

I think this was when all of us kids were still living at my parents, which means this was a long time ago. Anyway, we weren't with any extended family, it was just my parents and us six kids. The meal was the normal Thanksgiving fare. One thing though, is that we ate off of copper plates, drank out of copper cups, and everything was served out of a copper dish. It was as if a copper mine had exploded at our table. My mom has a thing for it, and I hate it. Terrible stuff to clean, turns your fingernails green..... oh, yeah, back to what I was saying.....so after we ate, we were all pretty tired. I am not sure exactly why, but we all ended up laying on the floor (ok, this was a really long time ago because there was still carpet in the dining room) and sleeping for the next hour or so. All of us. I don't remember where my parents were, but I'm pretty sure they were sleeping too. When we woke up, even though it was more than an hour later, there was still ice in our cups. Copper can really keep things cold.

Another year, everyone but one of my brothers and I was in Utah for Thanksgiving. I don't remember why. So, he and I went out to my aunts for Thanksgiving. I had recently bought a car. It was not a great car. The heater never turned off. You hit a bump in the road and the radio might change stations, get louder, or even turn off. I didn't have a rear view mirror. But, gosh darn it, it was my car. We took that out to my aunts. I grew up in Southern California. In Los Angeles County. Even at Thanksgiving, we wear shorts and t-shirts. We were stuck in traffic going out to my aunts out in Riverside. It was boiling hot inside my car and out. My brother thought he was going to die. Poor guy.

What are your Thanksgiving memories. (darn question mark key. still won't work!!!!)

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