Thursday, March 11, 2010

I did it!!!

The last few weeks, I have been attempting to run at the gym. I have never been a runner, and struggled in school to complete the mile regularly. I don't have asthma, but really have struggled to breathe well while running. (perhaps the smog in LA county had something to do with it?????)

I started doing a run/walk thing on the treadmill. Run for a few, and then walk and catch my breath. And do it as much as I could for my 30 minutes of cardio that I do. On the treadmill, my left hip also starts hurting, and I am limping off the treadmill. I usually have done the elliptical, mostly because I don't lose feeling in my feet near as soon, and I feel that my body moves so much smoother on it.

This morning I got to the gym, and I had my pick of the treadmills. I turned on my MP3 player (which has Glee plus a few songs my husband sings on it) and started to warm up. And I started to run. And I just kept running.

And I did it. I ran a mile, in about ten minutes. I slowed down and walked a few minutes. And then I started to run again. And even though my hip hurt again, I was able to keep going, and for the first time, actually completed the 30 minutes!!

It was a little emotional.

And I will try again next week.


Jen said...

Good for you! A running friend of mine said that was the criteria in her HS for an A in gym--if you could run a mile in 10 minutes.

LynMarie said...

Wow! Great job. I'm trying to get back into running also. Keep up the good work.