Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well, at least I tried

For the last week or so, it has been super freezing cold here. As in the pond down the road is frozen. And the grass is crunchy all day. And every morning you're scraping ice off your car windows. The night time lows are in the teens. So, yeah. It's cold.

Last Sunday was no exception. The problem I find is that skirts and dresses are not very good at keeping my legs warm. And the majority of my skirts and dresses are either knee length, or slightly longer. No floor length anything. Which leaves my poor legs exposed to the elements!!! Here is my problem. I absolutely cannot stand wearing nylons. I hate them. I truly do. (tights are different and I'll get to that in a sec.) Almost every woman that I see wearing them looks as if their legs are stuffed sausages. Especially women that could stand to lose a few pounds. Then add the wearing of nylons with open toed shoes. The seam is bad enough, but when there are runs in them........oh my. Anyway, I just hate them. The control tops are terrible too. Again, the stuffed sausage visual.

Last Sunday I did not wear anything on my legs at church. And while I was cold, I wasn't too bad. It didn't help that some genius had turned on the AC in the primary room, but we fixed that. And really, it was only the minute it took between the car and the building that it was really a problem.

Now we're to Sunday night. I have to drive to another building 20 minutes away to play the piano for our choir. And since it was going to be night, and colder than it was earlier, I thought I would see if I could find a pair of nylons that might be acceptable. Because I really hate being cold. I found a pair, put them on, and headed out the door. After we got there and had been sitting down for a bit, and waiting for our turn, I started to look at my legs. And feel my legs. And see how my dress was clinging to my nylon-clad legs. (I wasn't wearing a slip. I don't like those much either.) I couldn't take it. I got up, and found the closest bathroom and took those babies off. Gosh I felt better.

Now, tights are a whole different thing. They are an actual color (not nude or tan), thicker, and normally a dark color which makes legs look slimmer. And tights rarely have control tops on them. So, while I still rarely wear them, tights are acceptable.

I don't know what I'm going to do this winter. I just cannot abide those darn things. I guess I should find myself a slip so things don't cling and see if I can find a decent pair of nylons that don't make my legs feel like les saucissons.

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Chelsea said...

Wear pants! Seriously. I know skirts are encouraged at church, but a nice pair of dressy slacks are just as nice IMO and so much more practical.