Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Totally ridiculous

Well, I'm still around, just been busy. Busy with life that can be a tad overwhelming. But I wanted to share a few absolutely ridiculous news articles I've read recently.

Oregon Apartment Complex Bans the flying of the American Flag.
Now, this is freaking ridiculous. Worried that someone might get offended? Are you kidding?

Pocketknife suspension.
Really school district? I think it was pretty obvious that it was in a survival kit for his car. I would consider the kid pretty responsible for even having that in his car. The school district is making an idiot of themselves.

First grader brings camping utensil to school.
You know, this one hits home a bit. I have a first grader. Obviously the kid didn't bring it to the school to harm anyone. He brought it so he could eat his lunch with it.

Wives are stressed when husbands deploy.
I don't even know what to say to this one. I mean, REALLY??!! They had to do a study to figure this out? Sheesh.

Trade you these kids for your bird.
I'm kind of speechless on this one. What????

Hope you get a good laugh out of how ridiculous these are. There are some truly sad people out there who have zero common sense. Anyone else read any good ones recently??

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Shelly! said...

Um...I'm not going to be popular for saying this start you could try getting your news from someone other than Fox. They're not exactly fair and balanced.

In the first story, the one about the flag, I'd really be interested in what the reasons are for the no flag flying crusade. Right or wrong it sounds like the apartment complex is trying to cover it's butt from lawsuits.

About the two school incidents - I actually agree with the schools. If they have zero tolerance laws in place than both students needed to respect that. And I'd like to know how the school found about the knife in the car. At this point I have to assume that either the kid took the knife out to show people or told his friends about it and it got to someone in the school.

Are the punishments fair? Well I cannot really say because I don't know what the schools policy is.

But if we'd heard a story about a cub scout bringing his knife to school and cutting someone with it everyone would be up in arms about "why did anyone let a kid bring a camping knife to school!!!???".

I think the schools are better safe than sorry on this. It's unfortunate that we are at this place as a society - that we cannot be trusted with even the smallest of "weapons" but it's true.