Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holy hot

So, apparently the PNW has decided to change things up a bit and make it super hot and humid. Which is fine, if we had AC. Which we do not. It is currently 92 degrees INSIDE my house. I knew it was going to be super hot today, so I got done a few things this morning. But, really, I've done nothing but sit at the computer, eat, watched Lucy play in the neighbors little pool and talk to my neighbor, and waste time. I am not going to cook anything that cannot be cooked in the microwave. Oh, wait, I've done a few loads of laundry. There are some darker looking clouds coming our way, so we're hoping that it rains!! I should just check the weather. I have a ton that I should do, but when it's this hot, I have no motivation. I'll have to wait until tonight, when it'll only be 85 inside the house. Note to self: buy AC units before next summer.

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