Monday, July 27, 2009


We've been sleeping with our windows open recently. It's been pretty hot. One of our neighbors has a bug zapper hanging in the front of their house. I love it when I hear it zap a bug.

Every summer, as a kid, we would go to my dads family reunion. It was at someones home, and we would all sleep outside in sleeping bags on tarps. It was fantastic as a kid. Sleeping outside with my cousins, talking about our day, or telling jokes or whatever we wanted to do was great. Eventually we would all fall asleep to the sound of the bug zapper.

As an adult, that sound is strangely comforting. Not only does it kill bugs, but it's almost like I'm a kid again. I'll be sleeping with the windows open for the rest of the summer.


LeeElle said...

I soon as I read 'bug zapper' I had the exact same thought as you, reunion. Funny but I really enjoy the sound the zapper makes too. That was one of the things I noticed when we moved to Napa, no bug zapper. Have a good time this weekend.

MAG of Marie Photographie said...

We're sleeping with the windows open too--it's miserably hot up here in WA with out AC. I'll have to listen for bugs, though I don't think I'll get any comfort out of it. :(

SO fun to find your blog!

TJ said...

marie, i'm up in WA too! near the army base. we don't have AC either, and it's 85 at midnight INSIDE!!!!!

glad you found me.:)